Attention Small Business Owners & Freelancers:

Get an effective, high-quality website that works
without breaking the bank

Let’s be honest—many small business websites are terrible.  You know you need a website.  But you don’t have thousands to spend on one.  So you try to do it yourself, or you hire someone on the cheap. The results . . . well, they aren’t what you expected.  Maybe you aren’t happy with the way it looks, sounds, or works.  Then again, maybe you think the site is great, but it doesn’t seem to be helping your business they way you expected.

Here’s what most people don’t realize:  an effective website requires four distinct skills:

  • Technical know-how — to set up and configure the site
  • Design skills — so it looks pleasing
  • Copywriting — without compelling writing, you won’t see results
  • Usability expertise — so that visitors aren’t frustrated

The first two skills are rather obvious, and are typically what a person thinks about when seeking a website.  Let’s take a brief look at the other two.

Copywriting is writing that is designed to compel some sort of action.  It’s persuasive writing that leads the reader to respond in a particular way, and it’s essential to an effective website, because you want every visitor—on every page—to do something, whether it’s to complete a contact form, call for an appointment, or even just “click here to read more.”

Usability (also known as user experience) involves knowing how users expect to interact with your website, and fulfilling their expectations. It means following internet customs, making things obvious, and making sure users are never frustrated.  Because if they are, they will either seek another site that won’t frustrate them, or, if they must deal with your site, carry their bad experience into their thoughts about your business.

To get a good website, you must find a person or a team that offers all these skills.  Putting up a website that is deficient in any of these areas will not produce the results you need.

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The Word & Web Smith Solution

Penni L. Smith is The Word & Web Smith, and she does provide all four skills.  She spent her career in software development, and understands the technical aspects.  She is an award-winning copywriter.  And she understands basic design and truly grasps usability.

In addition to the skills, she has a philosophy small business owners and freelancers will appreciate.

First, she thinks you—the website owner—should have control.  She’s helped owners whose web designers have restricted the owners’ access to their own site.  She makes sure that you have all the passwords and information you need to administer your site, or have someone else do it.

Second, she doesn’t think you should be dependent on your web designer forever.  She doesn’t think you should have to depend on someone else to post your blog entries or update your hours.  She’s more than happy to administer and maintain your site if you desire, but part of her standard package includes training so that you can handle basic tasks yourself.

Finally, she thinks every business should have a good website, so she tries to maintain reasonable rates.  Penni gets paid very well for her copywriting, but people getting one of her website packages enjoy her writing skills at as part of the deal.  She limits the types of sites she does in order to keep costs down.

Are you ready to discuss your project?  Just contact The Word & Web Smith to set up a free half-hour consultation.  Remember to request your free special report, “5 Keys to an Effective Website.”

If You Already Have a Website

Does your site need improvement?  Take a look at our Site Sharpening page to see some items to consider. Then find out how effective your website is by requesting one of The Word & Web Smith’s website reviews. The Quick Review is FREE, and the others are quite reasonable. You’ll get an idea of where you stand and what it will take to make your site the best it can be.