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A Guide to Brilliant Blogs

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Last time, The Smithery addressed the need for effective copy to produce powerful web pages. Web pages are quite different from printed material, and need to employ the features of good copywriting. But is that true of blogs?

Unlike standard web pages, blog posts typically do share the purposes of printed text: to entertain, to inform, or to influence. The only calls to action are usually to “read more,” “share this post,” or “leave a comment.” They should give value to the visitor (otherwise, why come?), but they aren’t necessarily helping the visitor accomplish a purpose.

Also, unless it is a corporate blog, a blog is personal, a reflection of the interests of the author, often the site owner. The posts provide an opportunity for the site visitors to connect and interact with the blogger.

For these reasons, blogs should generally not be written by a copywriter. They should feature personally-crafted posts. A web page should make a powerful promotion, but the blog does not have that requirement. Only hire a copywriter for your blog if you are a poor writer, or simply do not have the time to post regularly. If you choose to employ a copywriter, be sure you take these two steps.

First, hire a quality writer. The web is full of writers willing to write blog posts and articles for ridiculously low fees. Many of these do not speak English as their first language, and even those that do are saying that their writing is cheap–and in the end, that is no bargain.

Second, establish a relationship. Unless it is a group endeavor, a blog should have a single voice. If you change writers frequently, that won’t happen. Furthermore, a writer that works for you consistently will learn to speak in your voice, and will also grow to understand your business or service.

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