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About Penni L. Smith, The Word & Web Smith

Penni L. Smith, the Word & Web Smith

Penni L. Smith, the Word & Web Smith, is an award-winning writer and an expert in many aspects of information technology. A true smith, she combines these two loves in her business.


Penni’s writing skills were recognized as early as elementary school, when she won an award from the Daughters of the American Revolution for a poem she wrote. In October 2013, she won one of American Writers and Artists Inc (AWAI) spec challenges at their annual FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.

Penni always delighted in words and played with them as a child, not just with the plastic alphabet that entertained her, but also by making up languages and crafting puns. She wrote poems, short stories, and longer pieces of fiction. She also served as editor of her high school newspaper, her college literary magazine, and the playbill of the college theatre department. She was an English major.

Professional Writers' Alliance logoThough she ended up with a career in computers, Penni used her skills to write detailed users’ guides for her programs, as well as other business writing. She is now a skilled copywriter, with a focus on writing web content.  She is a member of the Professional Writers’ Alliance and is a Dan Kennedy Trained Copywriter for Info-Marketers. If you are interesting in more of her copywriting services, visit

Penni continues to write non-fiction of various sorts, and is working on a fantasy novel. You can find some of her fiction and other writing on


In 1987, Penni’s father sent her home from a visit with an obsolete computer and a dozen books. She taught herself programming, and was selected to work on an application for Los Angeles County that managed workflow in its human services offices. She then worked for three mortgage companies, and continued to write applications to handle a variety of their business needs. She even wrote a comprehensive mortgage loan origination system that interfaced with credit bureaus and a flood report agency, as well as producing documents and managing the entire process from application to funding.

At a company that installed elaborate heating and cooling systems in large commercial buildings, she wrote an Excel VBA program that did project estimating for bidding on jobs, and a desktop application that completely handled project management, including cost tracking, and servicing. She also produced extensive financial reports.

In recent years, Penni has learned PHP and written web-based applications to manage membership and finances for a non-profit, as well as doing minor e-commerce, surveys, and other visitor tasks. She took a class in professional skin development for the Thesis WordPress theme framework, and hopes to create skins and other WordPress items in the future.

Penni’s extensive knowledge of software, from spreadsheets through video editing, makes her a fount of information and help on all things technical. Penni has been praised as a patient and knowledgeable trainer.

Penni has studied web content writing and usability in order to create effective websites.


Whether working with words or computers, Penni operates with a high IQ—integrity and quality. This is the hallmark of all her endeavors. Her overwhelming passion in life is making things better, be it copy, a web page, a computer program, or someone’s life.

Penni lives in a small Placer county town in the Sierra foothills near Auburn, California, and about an hour from Sacramento. In addition to writing and computers, her other interests include reading, computer games, a little reading, photography, more reading, and enjoying her animals and friends.

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