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The Word & Web Smith designed the sites and wrote or revised the page text (not blogs) for the following websites.  Please note that all these websites are being maintained by their owners, and may not be in the condition they were originally left in. (notary public website)
The Word & Web Smith did it all — site design, copy, and even modifying the logo. The copywriting included a 2500 word Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and a compelling home page. This is the superior notary public website. What could the Word & Web Smith do for you? (attorney website)
The Word & Web Smith handled all aspects of this website:  design and layout, writing the copy, creating the header, and doing all the photography. This site features the most extensive web copywriting by the Word & Web Smith to date.

Silver Screen Classic Movies (
The Word & Web Smith designed this site for a non-profit, maintaining some elements from their original site, but significantly updating its design and usability.

The Becker website (insurance website—incomplete [see note])
The Word & Web Smith designed this site, as well as writing all the text, creating the banner, doing some photography, and finding and modifying all other images on the site. IMPORTANT: the website is incomplete due to the agency being suddenly sold. Click the link in the site sidebar for more information. (business website) Also features Word & Web Smith photography.  (author website & blog)  NOTE: For this site, the author wrote much of the page copy, with Word & Web Smith input. WWS created the banner and some art work as well.   (author’s personal website and blog—see related testimonial)  (author’s publishing website—see related testimonial)  (small business website)
This is a good example of why every business needs a website. This small business has a committed client and doesn’t expect business from the web, but would have no credibility without having a site.  (author’s personal website and blog)


If you want to see other types of samples or learn more about Penni L. Smith’s copywriting (and see another example of her website work), visit or go directly to that portfolio page.