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Fundraising Sample

From 2008 through 2010, Penni L. Smith, the Word & Web Smith, wrote fundraising letters for what was then the Northern California Chapter of the Neuropathy Association (NCCNA).  The letters went to a mailing list of current and former members, plus those who had attended meetings or otherwise shown interest in the association.  Below are two samples for you to evaluate.

In addition to writing the letters, Penni designed the outer and reply envelopes, and the response cards, creating a complete fundraising packet. She also managed the mailing list, preparing it for merging into the documents.  Using merge coding, the content of the letters and reply cards often changed based on whether the packet went to a member, former member, or an interested party.  In all, she wrote for seven mailings, most with a few letter variations, and handled the design and merging for all those and one other.

Please note that the NCCNA is now known as the Pacific Chapter of the Neuropathy Association (PCNA), and that the mailing address has changed.  The phone number, e-mail, and website remain the same, and you can read president Bev Anderson’s testimonial here.

November 2010

In November, the NCCNA would send a letter asking people to renew their membership, and to contribute.  The organization used the opportunity to contact others on its mailing list as well.

This mailing had three letters, each featuring the same basic text, but with some tailored to its particular audience:  current members, former members, and those who had never joined.  The design used a legal sized two-page document with the response card incorporated at the top of the letter, reducing costs.  Review the Fall 2010 NCCNA Fundraising Samples now.

These fundraising letters received 451 responses from 3,031 pieces mailed, for a response rate of 14.88%.  Contributions in excess of dues made up nearly 25% of the total funds received.

June 2009

This springtime mailing was entirely focused on fundraising, with a special opportunity for the organization to receive a corporate matching gift.  There were 266 responses from 2,739 pieces mailed, for a 9.71% response rate.

This mailing had two letter variations, one for members and one for non-members.  There were separate response cards and envelopes to merge.  See the Spring 2009 NCCNA Fundraising Samples here.

You may download the samples by right-clicking the link and selecting “Save target as.”