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Page Content & Usability—More Vital than SEO

People worry about search engine optimization (SEO), but neglect two things that matter more.


On the internet, you want things to happen.

When a person is reading a book or magazine or newspaper, that’s really all they are doing. The only action involved is turning pages. The author wants to write material that will keep you reading, keep you turning pages, but that’s the entire objective.

Content for the web is very different than print copy. On the web, people act. They do something in response to what they read. Web writing needs to inspire that action: click this link, sign up for our list, order this item, contact us, share this post, or even, read more. If the writing on your website is not invoking action, your website is ineffective.

For more about this subject, read the WWS blog post “Copywriting, the Overlooked Website Element.”

Make sure you have high quality content on your pages that persuades people to act. The Word & Web Smith can improve your copy if you don’t.  Request a free quick site review.


That phrase is the title of a book by Steve Krug about the other key factor of web success: usability. There’s no point in driving users to your site if the site drives them away.

Studies show that people use websites in a different way than many designers or owners think. Visitors come to your site for a purpose, and their objective is to accomplish that purpose. They want to do that quickly and easily. If your site frustrates users because they can’t find what they want or don’t know what to do, they will leave and not return. Or they may muddle through, but they will not have good thoughts about your business. You don’t want to start your relationship with a deficit.

Another concern should be disabled users. Is your site accessible to people who can’t use a mouse, for example, or those who can’t see and use screen readers? Some web designers neglect making accessibility-compliant sites. Establish your business as one that embraces all customers by providing an accessible site.

If you wonder about your site’s usability and accessibility, contact The Word & Web Smith for a free quick review.


For a PDF copy of Page Content & Usability, click on the link. (Right-click and select “Save target as” to download.)

How does your website stack up?  Find out through a Word & Web Smith website evaluation.

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