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Don’t Get or Update a Website Until You Know This Information

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We read reviews before we book a hotel room or by a book, but many people needing a website don’t understand what they actually need or what to look for.  The Word & Web Smith’s special report, “5 Keys to an Effective Website,” will give you the information you need to know if you are getting a new website or improving an existing one.

Find out:

  • How a clear vision will keep your site on track
  • Why the focus must always be on your visitors
  • The importance of a good domain name
  • The skills and technology needed to put together a website
  • What purposeful pages mean for your site

Besides these key points, you’ll learn how to find available domains, what pages should be on a site,  and what to look for in web developers.

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9 Ways Great Copywriting Can Increase Your Sales

Increase Sales with Great CopywritingAgencies and major corporations spend thousands on copy. They know it’s not a cost — it’s an investment, and the key to effective marketing.  Great copywriting can make all the difference in your business success. Failing to have great copy will lead to mediocre results, at best, and can even be hurtful to your business.

Why does great copywriting make a difference? This special report reveals nine ways great copywriting can increase your sales. It also includes a section on how to evaluate your copy to determine if it is doing what it ought to — essential information for any small business owner.

If you aren’t familiar with the value of copy, pick up this free report as well, and learn what it can do for you.

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