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The Website Workout Collection

The Website Workout is a series of blog posts on getting your website into shape.  To make for easy access, here are links to all the posts.  Once you access the first one, you don’t have to return here.  You can simply select Next Post to continue reading.

Website Workout 1 – Purpose

The first step in evaluating your website is thinking about the purpose you have for it. Then you will be able to decide if each page is contributing to that purpose.

Website Workout 2 – Design

Does your website design support your purpose or do elements need revision?

Website Workout 3 – Home

We start exploring the website at the home page, first taking an overview.

Website Workout 4 – Home Again

A look at all the tasks we ask of the home page, and a discussion of whether or not your blog should be the home page.

Website Workout 5 – About Face

Every website needs an About page, but it shouldn’t be about you.

Website Workout 6 – First Contact

Contact information is essential for establishing trust on the internet, but do you need a page for it?

Website Workout 7 – Paging All Others

There are many other pages that can make up your website (Descriptions of Products or Services, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Articles, Image Galleries, Policies and Other Legal Notices), and we examine them all.

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