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Build your own website while becoming a WordPress pro!

WordPress - a puzzle you can solve!If you have basic computer literacy and a decent sense of design, you have the skills needed to build a basic WordPress website. If you plan to have multiple domains, knowing how to build your own sites will save you significant funds — even if you still need professional copywriting (essential to an effective site).

But WordPress can be a overwhelming when you first get into it. Fortunately, you need not go it alone. Let The Word & Web Smith — noted for being an excellent and patient trainer— guide you through building your own website. You’ll learn all the core WordPress functions you’ll need and be able to build and maintain multiple sites.

We’ll start with how to do a secure WordPress install (not the quick one they tout), including setting up your database. Then you’ll move on to the rest of the process:

  • learning which settings you should change,
  • selecting and managing themes,
  • working with theme options,
  • discovering how to add pages and posts,
  • understanding widgets and menus,
  • using plugins,
  • managing the media library,
  • and so much more.

Throughout the process, you will do the work (and the learning). The Word & Web Smith will explain what to do, watch you do a portion of it, and assist you every step of the way. It’s the very best way to learn any new subject: instruction combined with hands-on experience.

This is also a way to save money, because you will do some work on your own. Once you learn how to add a page, for example, you’ll be turned loose to construct the other pages for your site. Then we’ll work together to fine-tune them.

The base package includes ten hours of instruction at a 33% discount from the hourly service rate.  The advanced Thesis package will be 15 or 20 hours, at the same discount rate. Additional time can be negotiated if you need it, but if you have a knack, this should be sufficient. You’ll also be eligible for all the discounts available to web clients. For more details, see The Word & Web Smith Website Package (right-click and select Save Target As to download).

Copywriting is not included. Nor is any photography or image manipulation. If you need other services to complete your website, they may be purchased separately.

Read on for answers to some questions you may have.

How much computer literacy do you need to work with WordPress?

The best thing would be for you to be fairly comfortable with word processing basics.  If you know the basics of Word, WordPerfect, or almost any such software, you should be fine. You should also be comfortable with navigating menus, following links, and generally comfortable with computers.

WordPress was built so that you didn’t have to know coding to build a website. You can do some fantastic things with WordPress without knowing or understanding HTML, CSS, or PHP.  And if you do have some knowledge of those, you can do some more advanced customizing very easily.

How much design skill do you need?

This is another area where WordPress shines. Many great designers have constructed themes with advanced features and a well-thought-out design with easy-to-adjust elements. You will need to purchase a premium theme (typically $50-$100) to get the best results and have the most options. But don’t worry — we can start with a free theme if you want. And we’ll work together to get the best theme to fit your needs.

If you are interested in creating your own page layouts, you can choose to learn WordPress and the incredibly powerful Thesis framework, which provides easy-to-use powerful tools to modify your skin to work however you want. (This is an optional extra, as there will be more time involved.)

You’ve mentioned usability as a key item for an effective website. Do I need to know that?

Not really. Well-done themes feature high-usability, and we will also go over the essential usability factors during your training.

What about copywriting?

Quality professional copywriting is a vital element for an effective website, and I encourage anyone who is not a skilled writer to hire a pro. Copywriting takes time to learn, and isn’t a part of this program.

You will need to provide the copy for your site, or engage the Word & Web Smith or another copywriter to handle that task.

How do I start?

Just call the number above or contact The Word & Web Smith.