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Personal Training Lets You Excel

Graduation TasselRemember the days when products were easy?

Point-and shoot cameras, phones, televisions, appliances, automobiles—these days, the simplest-seeming item can have a user’s manual an inch thick. New features can be wonderful, but they also make things more complex, whether it’s something electronic — or a software application.

Stop the Frustration!

The Word & Web Smith can provide personal training for a vast array of Windows-based applications, as well as instruction on managing your website (whether WordPress or HTML/CSS based) or using your PC. She can also help you solve minor PC problems or create back-up routines. Hey, she can even help you with some of those electronics.

Help That Is Actually…Well, Helpful

Penni, The Word & Web Smith, is known for her patient, knowledgeable guidance. She finds creative ways to make obscure concepts understandable, and will persist until you comprehend what you want to know. See the testimonial page to see what clients think.

If you are local to the greater Auburn, CA, area, the training will be done in person. Otherwise, it can be done via webinar.

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Want to learn WordPress? Build your website with Word & Web Smith instruction while you master the fundamentals of WordPress.  Click here for more information.