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Make Sure Your Website Does What You Want It To Do

Let the Word & Web Smith examine your websiteYou’ve invested a lot into your website, both money and time. You want it to work for you, to justify your investment. You may have doubts about some aspects of it, especially if you’ve had it for a year or more. Is your website really the way you expected it to be, producing the results you wanted?  Could some simple changes make a difference?

If you hired professionals, you may assume that everything was done well, when perhaps it was not. If you did it yourself, you may be too close to examine it objectively.  If it’s been unchanged for a while, it may be outdated.

Sometimes, a set of well-trained outside eyes can see things that you cannot.

  • Is your website well-designed, using fonts, color, and layout to create pleasant and clear pages?
  • Does your website give your visitors a great experience, with features that work properly, choices that are obvious, navigation that is clear, and annoyances that are minimal?
  • Is your site response and available on any device any time?
  • And does your website have effective copy that conveys the benefits of your products and services, enhances your credibility, and persuades the visitor that you are the provider they should use?

If you aren’t sure, a Word & Web Smith website evaluation is just what you need. You may be quite surprised by what you learn, and what a difference small improvements can make.

Comprehensive Website Analysis

This most thorough review will examine your site design, features, navigation, copy, SEO, and even some of the technology implemented.  This analysis is ideal for:

  • Sites where the website is your business
  • Sites that serve as your primary means of attracting new customers
  • Sites that are larger or more complex
  • Sites for large companies, especially in technology areas

The review begins with an interview to understand your marketing plan and goals for your website, who your customers are, your competitors, and your search engine objectives, along with appropriate research of these elements.

Then a 130 point analysis examines in detail your Home, About, and Contact pages, one policy page, and your choice of three, five, or ten representative Product/Service/Information/FAQ pages.  Navigation is completely tested.  On the examined pages, every link on the pages is checked, the copy is read in its entirety, and SEO elements are reviewed.

You then receive the completed checklist and a detailed report of all the findings with specific action recommendations.

You are welcome to take a look at the checklist used for the analysis. (PDF file.  You may download by right-clicking and selecting Save target as.)

Cost:  $500-2,000 depending on the number of pages examined and their complexity. Plus, enjoy a credit of 20% of the fee toward the cost of any improvement work commissioned within 30 days.

Fundamental Website Examination

For smaller sites, this low-cost ($149) examination will turn up any major issues and provide a course of action.

In this review, The Word & Web Smith will look at the Home, About, Contact pages, one policy page, and one Product/Service/Information/FAQ page that you specify. The menu will be tested, and all the links on the Home page will be checked.  The Home and About pages, and the one Product/Service/Information/FAQ  page will be read completely.  On the other pages, only design issues and headlines will be examined.

You’ll receive a completed checklist and a short report with specific action recommendations based on what was found in the limited review. Plus, enjoy a credit of 20% of the fee toward the cost of any improvement work commissioned within 30 days.

You may wish to compare our fundamental examination checklist with the comprehensive one to decide what is best for you. (PDF files. You may download by right-clicking and selecting Save target as.)

FREE Quick Review

The Word & Web Smith provides a free quick review that will give you a taste of our services and help you decide if you need something more thorough.  In this review, only the Home page is looked at.  The menu is checked to see what pages are available, but it is not tested.  Links are not tested.  You still receive specific action recommendations based on what was observed on the home page.

The Home page is the most challenging page of any website, so this review can give you an idea of how your site stands up.

Here is the checklist for the quick review. (PDF file. You may download by right-clicking and selecting Save target as.)

Important Note

Please note that the analysis, examination, or review will provide you with specific recommendations on items that can be improved and general information how to revise them, but does not state the exact changes to make, nor does it include doing the work to make the changes.  The Word & Web Smith is available to make any improvements you choose to implement as a separate service. A portion of the cost of the paid reviews will apply to any work requested within 30 days.

For example, the evaluation might note that a page heading is just a label, and recommend that it should be changed to convey specific benefits.  It won’t say to change the heading on the page from “Oil Changes” to “Save Time with Our Fast-Serve Oil Change.”

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If you request a free quick review, you’ll receive an e-mail with the results.  Or, if you prefer, give me a call, and if I’m available, I’ll do your free website review over the phone immediately.  Either way, there is absolutely no obligation involved.

For a comprehensive analysis or fundamental examination, The Word & Web Smith will contact you to get more information and make payment arrangements.

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