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Site Sharpening

Is Your Website the Best It Can Be?

Knife and sharpening steelYour website is your face to the world. A well-crafted site draws visitors and meets both their needs and yours.  A poor site will drive them away, and diminish your impact. Is your website as effective, functional, and useful as it can be? Is the text optimal, the layout logical, the design pleasing?  The Word & Web Smith is able to identity issues and refine your website to be the very best it can be.

Some Things to Consider

  • What is the purpose of your site?  Do its design and content fulfill that purpose?
  • Does the text on your pages compel action and get the results you want?
  • Is the site visually appealing? Are fonts, colors, images, and other elements used wisely?
  • Is your site easy to navigate?  Is the location clear?
  • Are your visitors able to find what they want easily?  Are their options obvious?
  • Does your site have all the features people expect from sites like yours?
  • Is your look and voice consistent throughout the site?
  • Do you have appropriate visitor interaction?
  • Does your site look good and function well on any size device?
  • Is your site accessible to the disabled?
  • Is the site using standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques?

(You may want to read the Website Workout blog entries to learn more about these items.)

Develop a Plan with a Website Review

The Word & Web Smith can conduct a review of your website to assess its technology, design, usability, SEO, and copy.  Our comprehensive analysis examines 130 individual items on all your major pages.  Our fundamental examination for smaller sites checks the most important elements on a few pages.  We even offer a free quick review of your home page that you can use to determine the next step to take.

All our reviews feature a checklist of items evaluated and a list of specific recommendations of ways to improve your site.  Learn more about our three site reviews and request yours here.

Get Fixed Up with the Best

Whatever issues your website may have, The Word & Web Smith can take care of it.  Improve your copy.  Develop effective headlines.  Correct broken links.  Repair navigation.  Make choices clear. Eliminate annoyances.  The Word & Web Smith can handle all your issues from minor touch-ups to a complete rebuild.

Start with a review or contact The Word & Web Smith to learn more.