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The Importance of a Website E-mail Address

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I see so many individuals who get a website, but do not use an e-mail address at that website (for example, [email protected]).  Instead, they use a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo account, or one from their At Symbol Clipsinternet service provider (ISP). Failing to use an e-mail address at the website is harmful to your business. Here’s how.

You Look Like an Amateur

When I see a business card by someone who has a website–especially if the website is on the card–I check out the e-mail first thing. If I see an e-mail address that doesn’t match the website, I figure they don’t know what they are doing. I assume that they don’t know how to handle an e-mail account, and they sure don’t understand basic marketing.

I can’t be the only one who makes such assessments. Why let yourself look ignorant?

You Lose a Free Promotion–Multiple Ways

How often do you use an e-mail address? Attend a meeting these days, and they’ll ask you for it. Sign up for anything, and you’ll provide it. Make a comment on a blog or a forum, and you’ll use it.

Some of these entries will use automation. But others are seen by actual people who will notice the address. This is especially crucial for any web comments.

You Lose An Ad for Your Site

With a website e-mail, every time you list your e-mail, you automatically list your website. It is a promotion without anything blatant about it.

You Create An Ad for Another

Why would you want to advertise Gmail or Yahoo or ATT? When you use their e-mail, you promote their sites and services, not yours.

You Miss Out on the Curious

I’ve handled a lot of mailing lists. Whenever I saw an e-mail account that wasn’t from one of the big providers or clearly from an ISP, I checked out the site. I was just curious–what on earth was about? (Note–not a real site when I wrote this.) I found all sorts of companies, and some sites I explored.

Just think–some curious people might become customers.

You May Compromise Your Account

I use twenty e-mail accounts. Each one has a different purpose, such as being only for online accounts or friends and family or writing connections. I don’t want my business contacts to know my personal e-mail. By keeping the addresses for distinct purposes, I don’t compromise my personal information.

You probably don’t need twenty accounts, but you certainly should keep your website address dedicated to that business.

Someone told me that because they had a Gmail account that was only used for the business, it was so dedicated, and they didn’t need a website address. Yes, that does address this particular issue, but all the other ones apply.

One Other Benefit

People have gravitated to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and the like because they got tired of having to change their e-mail addresses every time they got a new ISP. These accounts can be accessed from any internet connection, and the addresses will probably be good forever.

You can get those exact same benefits by using an email address from your website, as long as you keep the domain name.

Be Wise!

Look professional, promote your website, and keep your accounts distinct by always having an e-mail address through your website, and using that for your business cards and online comments.

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Chris Marlow July 27, 2016, 2:27 PM

I’ve never seen this topic discussed. Thank you Penni!

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