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The Most Important Trait in a Copywriter

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What’s the most important trait a copywriter should have?  A keen understanding of the difference between features and benefits?  That’s vital.  The awareness that the prospect is always listening to WII-FM (what’s in it for me)?  Again, very important.  But the most essential characteristic in a copywriter is a good IQ.  No, I don’t mean intelligence quotient.  I mean Integrity and Quality.

A copywriter with integrity is going to treat prospects with respect, and not manipulate them.  He won’t take on assignments he holds in low regard.  She will be trustworthy and honest in her dealings with the client and the prospects of the campaign.  (See my previous blog on manipulation vs. persuasion here.)

Anyone can throw words on a page and call it copy, but whether those words are effective is another matter.  Hiring a quality copywriter is an investment.  If you spend twice as much to hire an effective copywriter, but get four times the number of responses, you’ve been well-rewarded.  A quality copywriter will persuade more people to take the desired action.

If you need the services of a copywriter–or are thinking of becoming one–be sure to consider the person’s IQ: integrity and quality.

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